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Single Stage Air Compressor

Single stage air compressors are applicable for powering ratchet wrenches, spray guns and other pneumatic tools. These are known for improved mechanical balance and consistent torque. Single stage air compressors can be found in garages, kitchens, workshops and residences as well.

Two Stage Air Compressor

Two stage air compressors provide faster recovery, better performance, maximum output and longevity. These are easy to handle, install and maintain. Our offerings require low maintenance and provide excellence. Two stage air compressors used as a base load.

Multistage High Pressure Air Compressor

Multistage high pressure air compressors have a longer functional life, high performance efficiency and strong construction. These are required in the situations where high pressure is necessary. Multistage high pressure air compressors can manage temperature whenever required. Our products are easy to install and operate. 

Vertical Water Cooled Air Compressor

Vertical water-cooled air compressors are designed especially for cooling down the air in freezers, air conditioners and refrigerators. These machine use coolant for cooling down the air or material. Vertical water-cooled air compressors consume less power and provide great efficiency.

Horizontal Water Cooled Air Compressor

Horizontal water-cooled air compressors have tube exchanger and a shell in the cooling circuit for lowering down the heat. These are most commonly applicable for refrigerators, air conditioners and freezers. Horizontal water-cooled air compressors require low maintenance and consume less power.

Vacuum Air Compressor

Vacuum air compressors can be found in aircrafts, washing machines, air conditioning, cars, flood control and irrigation. These have various applications in transport, homes and industries. Vacuum air compressors are highly reliable, durable and smooth functioning. Our products are robust in construction.

Screw Air Compressor

Screw air compressors use a rotary type positive displacement mechanism for replacing piston. These are required in large industrial applications where high-power tools are needed. Screw air compressors provide high performance efficiency and longer functional life. The said products are durable & reliable.